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Nick Malishchak

Hi there! I'm a UX/UI Designer in NJ.

My passion is creating experiences which are accessible, full of ease, and pleasurable. I am a strong believer in the idea that there is no such thing as "human error," only design opportunity.

Case Studies



UX/UI Design Team Lead 

I am leading a team of three designers in a full design of a website for a non-profit organization which connects businesses, volunteers, and other non-profit organizations in conducting outreach programs for underserved populations in Philadelphia, PA.

We have completed our initial research phase, as well as created mid-fidelity wireframes of the main site features, ahead of the first round of interactive prototype testing.

I am also in charge of conducting interviews for new UX Designers, and managing and distributing tasks for each phase of the project. 



UX Designer

Full design of a website for professionals seeking to enhance their design skills, students or graduates looking to enter the UXD field, or businesses seeking to train their employees in UXD.

To date, our team has completed user surveys and user interviews ahead of the second round of prototyping.



UX/UI Designer
Design of an app connecting users with expert advice in a variety of fields. I added a feature where users can hire an expert to come and complete tasks for them, a novel method not existent in competitor apps.


Created clickable wireframes, prototyped high-fidelity UI, developed a design system language, and conducted user research and usability testing on target users. 



UX/UI Designer

Design of an app that helps users learn vocabulary. The scope and depth of the project was scaled back to resemble an Agile methodology.

Completed competitive analyses, user interviews, user interviews and user stories/flows, low/mid/high-fidelity prototypes, and usability tests.

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